RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer, WiFi Hose Timer, Smart Water Timer for Garden, Drip Irrigation Controller System with Wi-Fi Hub Automatic Manual Watering, Alexa APP Voice Control, V2, 2023 Release Patio, Lawn & Garden


3RD GEN WIFI WATER TIMER—Upgraded with brass inlet, avoid leakage and more durable. This wifi hose timer comes with 2 user-friendly irrigation modes to fit any watering needs: mist mode and sprinkler mode. Both has customized start/end time and duration without interference. WEATHER-BASED WATERING TIMER—Synchronized with the local weather, this hose timer wifi helps you change/stop/start the preset watering schedules anywhere anytime. Delay for 24/48/72 hours when it rains. Avoid wasting water and give more love for your plants when you are away from home. SMART VOICE CONTROL—Speak to Alexa to help you turn on the RAINPOINT WiFi sprinkler timer 2 zone. Experience fast automatic irrigation technology and easily watering your garden without lifting a finger. Support multiple users sharing. INSTANT APP NOTIFICATION—Be the first one to know your home irrigation on RAINPOINT APP. It will tell you the watering schedule end time and resume time. It’s like being home even when you’re not. TRACK THE WATER CONSUMPTION IN REAL TIME—With a built-in water flow meter, this intelligent sprinkler timer will tell you how much water you have used in your garden. View the watering historical column chart to help you fast adjust the water-saving plan. VOLUME-BASED WATERING—The 3rd GEN Smart Sprinkler Controller allows you to water by volume, Water the gallons as your plants turely need. For example, when your sunflower only needs 1.2 gallons of water, the timer will only water 1.2 gallons for it. Love it and give what it needs.

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