RAINPOINT WiFi Soil Moisture Meter TCS005FRF, Must be Used with TTV103WRF or TTV203WRF WiFi Sprinkler Timer and TWG004WRF WiFi Hub (Only Include Soil Sensor) Patio, Lawn & Garden


Note Before Purchase: The WiFi Soil Moisture Temperature Meter must be used with TTV103WRF/TTV203WRF WiFi Sprinkler Timer (not included) and TWG004WRF WiFi Hub (not included). Otherwise, the APP function of the soil sensor will not work. Smart Control WiFi Sprinkler Timer: Automatically turn off or on the paired WiFi sprinkler timers (not included) based on soil temperature and humidity to control exactly when and how much to water. No more worrying about forgetting to water or overwatering your plants or lawn. 3-Probe Professional Home Soil Tester: Using three-probe detection technology, it can measure a larger area of soil, with faster detection speed and higher accuracy. Moisture Accuracy: 5% (from 0%~50% RH) or 10% (from 51%~100% RH). APP Monitor Soil Moisture & Temperature: Track and record 10-day soil moisture and temperature history and graphs via the RainPoint APP. The soil data is sent back to the APP every 5 minutes for update. Soil Moisture Range: 0% ~ 100%, Soil Temperature Range: 14℉~122℉. Indoor & Outdoor Use: The soil meter is IPX5 waterproof, and the three probes are made of 304 stainless steel. Rainproof and resistant to soil acid and alkali, the design is lightweight and portable, suitable for outdoor use. An ideal soil test tool for home plants, gardens, lawns and farm kits. Build Automated Irrigation Systems: Single WiFi Moisture Sensor works as an add on only. It requires RainPoint TTV103WRF/TTV203WRF WiFi Sprinkler Timer and TWG004WRF Wi-Fi Hub for use. Only ONE WiFi Moisture Sensor can be used per zone of WiFi water timer.

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